Wednesday, 13 July 2011

~Really Appreciate It!~

Hey we meet again!
Almost a month i already know which place i have to go to further my studies
then, jeng3x!!! i got PURE MATH's at UITM S.ALAM
for my Degree
Finally i got what i want.
I'm really appreciate what i have rite now

Actually i quiet sad because i and my classmate most of them are in our different course but actually about 2 or 3 person get same course with me
maybe i thought i can be their partner in assignment group???
but i'm happy because all of my friends get their place to further their study.

For JOB!!!!
ahha this is i not really sad because i can't get any job for this holiday
i really appreciate my holiday because i never ever stay at home since after SPM
i only work! work! and work!
so rite now i just only enjoy! enjoy! and enjoy!

For LOVE???
hurm about this i don't feel like to have one
it is because what happened in my past it had give me a bad things 
like in my education after i break up my cgpa down!
but Alhamdulillah i get 3 something that almost 3.5 and this CGPA bring me to UITM s.alam

What i'm thinking rite now is i just want to have a new life 
with new place!
and more than that a new friends 
and i know if i fail in love story i can't fail in my life!
am i rite???

Hopefully what happened in my past will make me know that i'm not the person's that will alwas felt down but in my future i can go more and more to successs in my life!

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