Sunday, 20 November 2011

Phewwwww! =D

Hye blog's! =D
Yeahhh its almost don't know to count a days la...
Ayat messy habis... haha... xD
Actually been so bz la don't know bz in which category!
I thought by this week i don't wanna go home but in a last minute balik jugakkk...
Alhamdulillah i'm in a good condition so far differ from a back weeks...
Yeayyy i'm so happyla...=)
This week just only must done assignment CTU533 only la...
My part are not done actually!
Ahha so lazyla... 
As mr. Handsome and Awsome said "cube xmain WEWEWIT tuh"
ok awak.. i'm trying...
But i can't la....
Every times i wanna play with it...
Like imissyousomuch =)
Sorry can't follow u... rasa rugi sgt2 =)
But never mind another event ada kannn ahha xD
Hope you sampai dengan selamat di KL by today maybe pagi kan u sampai...
Syiok habis pi Terengganu kan =)
Eeeee rindu! rindu! rindu! =)

Hey one more things i can play a guitar with sing a Aishiteru song's!!!!

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