Wednesday, 7 December 2011


I miss you my blogger red!
Haha just a few days i'm not looking at u...
It is because My Lappy is sick....
What they called???
Serious i wanna repair it asap since im gonna use lappy all the time...
Its great actually because for this semester im not gonna use lappy for assignment...
Its all used by hand only...
I really miss mr. Handsome and Awsome!
There is our sweet memory with mr. Kuku!

p/s: i know you gonna smile when read this! suprise =D

Okayh! talk bout education oh no! its bout one month im gonna take 5 paper if im not mistaken
So i must work hard for it!
Remember akustik Gitar!
My aim...
Hehe so noty ka la me

Have a great Wednesday with smile!!!

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