Monday, 20 February 2012

Again post!
Dugaan datang lagi
Bala menimpa-nimpa
I need someone to talk and share
tapi xbernasib baik punya pasal
xpe simpan sorang-sorang
xpe leh hande lagi
i'm cool
Napala awk bz time2 macam ne
ok malas nak kacau siapa2 
so cerita kat blog pon boleh
Im so weird one thing 
my friends said that be professional 
and i'm shocked!
appears from bbm contact???
i just want to ask that my friends did bank in money at your account
is it complicated to you to give it back?
Never mind
i have another solution where's i can get that money to pay back
For a friends!!!
i'm so sorry being late to pay all of your money
i'm promise that by this months and this march everything was settle
I'm so sorry
This is the first and the last things i want to do
sorry guys being late!!!
i will always remember that being borrowing something from others need to pay back am i rite?
i keep my words i will pay back ASAP
and to someone please be a professional
u as a business woman should not forget your FC am i rite?
Please be professional!
You run away from me was like you run away from settle your problem
i mean it! 

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