Sunday, 12 February 2012

Only Allah knows how i'm feeling rite now
For me there is no secret for this
But sincerely i don't know how far i can be like this
Maybe a little bit changes need to do at me
About myself maybe!!!
There is no good way to do except i need to be alone
There is a changes that i need to make it happen
But which part is the most important i want to change it first???
For me there is a lot of negative thinking i need to clean it
Please throw away for this bad habit

I think i'm the bad girl i have ever created for myself
I'm sorry friends 
I'm not perfect to you all
Maybe i should introduce who actually am i
i'm not a real LYNNA
a real LYNNA was missing!
about a years ago!
But where is LYNNA truly she???
i don't know
Don't tell me

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