Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Should i accept him if he approaches me?
He really cares about me
I'm trying so many things to run away from him
more step i get off from him
more step he comes closer to me
i'm confuse and i'm afraid

He keep calling me everyday
text me good morning a good night
sometimes i'm so busy and i did'nt pick up his call because i don't alert my hp

hey i'm feel that i had loose so many numbers in my weight
yela as usual semua baju longgar
da lama x upload picture
so nak tunjukkan effect after pakai MONAVIE and INNERSHINE

Hello tade edit2 ok 
Lynna xsuke edit nor even make-up pon ta pakai
bedak muka apatah lagi
so well
try la!
Rambut pon ta buat original mcm tu
petua jangan sikat rambut ok
Thank You Allah

Teringin nak pakai tudung n selendang
ok x?

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