Sunday, 20 May 2012

It's been so long i don't write anything here
Yes i am since i've been busy doing my work
So far i'm okayh 
But lately my allergy getting worst
I don't know whether its comes from my eating style o what
Test ooo test!
Yes today Mat575 test had done veryyyyyyyy SAD
hey i want to cry
But my tears doesn't flow it out!
I'm tired already
i did not know when i want to change my self
to be more better
Actually i'm keep trying here!
Please do pray for my good one attitude
I want to say here about what happened yesterday
Thanks to my Anis friend's
whose teach me a lot tentang
Main 'squasy', naik basikal, main brg gym
So borak2 macam2
have fun la
You are such a nice guy my master mandarin (Sufi)
I'm so sorry saja je nak cerita
yela so far dapat kawan best kan
lagi2 lynna buta sukan
so he teach me well
Thanx friends!
Btw i'm trying to do the testimony with using that things
you had give me
Give me a time
Maybe it cam reduced my allegy masa makan benda yg ta boleh dimakan
pergh da merepek here
Tomorrow i have a mandarin written test
OMG it's ok malam ne struggle okayh
Good Evening korang!

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