Sunday, 6 May 2012

Lost and empty
Saying like nothing
A word doesn't comes out
An eye looking for that words
A heart beat like jagger
When the problem gone
Suddenly it will comes again
At the time when you are happy
The problem will find you
Stalker that person
Will make it seems to be difficult
Messy!, Hurts!, Crying!
No one's can't know that
Neither help 
A world is like a circle 
What goes around comes around
Seems heart will not okay
A pain will appear
For a long time
From A until A
At the end will go to A
A is back
A is gone
A is hurting u
A mouth can say anything
A truly words comes from your heart will not lying it
An eye flow out the tears???
All i know
A GOD will make it happened

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