Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Don't run away from your problem's Qoute

Sometimes if we have a problem we run from it!
But sometimes we have to face it too...
Because if we always run's from a problem...
Till the end it can't be done =)

A human can solve their friends problem's!
But their selves?
They can't afford to solve it alone....

Sometimes a human need a space
But sometimes if they are alone?
They just need someone to accompany them!

One think that we know is
Our friend's sometimes hurt us!
But they don't know that their word's make we ouch!
If we???
I'm just feel bad and i will say

Why we feel so bad?
Is it we don't have enough thing's in our life's?
We feel so bad huh???
Hey the ONE will always with us...
So bad we are the ONE will always inside our CCTV
The ONE will always looked 
what you have done in this world's!

Be happy it's not wrong!
But sometimes please respect other people...
Don't pretend to be so selfish!
One day u will know how hurt it is...
I'm not feel so bad...
The ONE give me this problem
it's 4 me to see and think the bad and good 
for my life

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