Monday, 8 August 2011

It's not wrong!

It's not wrong if i want to do something that i like!
It's not wrong if i love someone that i really know i will not get him!
It's not wrong if i don't have a boyfriend!
Sometimes i need to be alone!
Sometimes i love to have a boyfriend!
But, i know i'm not ready for that!
My heart not fully well since i'm sick of it almost everyday!
After 8 month's i'm being single now i know i'm better like this way!
I'm always thinking positive way!
One day i know i will find my happiness one!
With lots of pray at Allah!
I know Allah know which the best for me and there must be a reason y he give me like this!
All i know i'm standing cool n doing nothing!
All i know family and friend's will always have beside me!
Always smile n pretend to be like nothing happened!
That's me!
Cool =) <3



  1. yeah... totally agree wif it... something happen 4 a reason... be what we want... dont ever care what other people say about us.. be a strong girl my dear... i know u can through it n find hapiness in ur life.. trust urself n always pray the best 4 ur life... Allah always be wiff us my dear..u're not alone... <3

  2. Yes awak, ty!!! =) i will keep in my mind wat u said to me just now! it's great to find someone friend's that really care of me, appreciate it! =) <3