Monday, 8 August 2011

Just a word's =)

It is just a word's!
Trust me

Kind of blur nothing much to say for rite now!
Actually i've kind much thinking bout something!
I don't know what it is!
Never mind
Just let it go seriously
I'm not mad 
I'm just sick of this headache la!

I kind like to read a blog!
This is a new word's come from my mouth
So here i just copy paste like eat a pasta!

Now again i'm watching a TV
But my eye's not watch it!
My friend's always said that i'm funny little girl!
I don't know y la
But ilovetoo make them happy!

I'm thinking too much!
Oh please

Not more than a month's
I'm kind of afraid in a new place!
UITM Shah Alam???
I'm happy i get there
Of course!
It is my dream's
Bachelor in Pure Math's
2 and half year???
Hopefully i'm not down like before
ilovetoo study
Don't like to mix up many thing's!

A new Friend's???
I'm alway's have a new one!
and ilovetoo have a lot of friend's
But i'm sorry to those who add me at FaceBook!
I'm not approved people that i don't really know u!
even a girl or a boy
i'm so sorry

Hey know wat!
My mom's is cute lah
She makes me laugh just now
So funny
I do see my dad's was walking3 and walking lah in the kitchen!
Haha looking the updated about renovation at my houselah!
He said that insyaAllah our house will done by today!

Going there to meet mama n papa kiah!
My friend's parent's!
Wanna doing clearance and meet my brother's

Seem's a certain people who dosen't like me???
I don't know that u really don't care bout me
But i'm doing nothing to you
But it's oke!
You remove me with no reason i'm just let it be done
I'm okay with that
I have many friend's who cares bout me!

If u want to know
I'm not the person who like to mad people
I'm cool beb!
But once u make me mad at you i'm so sorry 
I'm pretend like i don't know you
I'm sorry
I'm just a human
Always make a mistake

My body weight???
Feels that macam layang2 badan ne ha!
Ahamdulillah 40 something!

TQ Allah!
For everything

Good Morning u all's
Have a great day!
~As Salam~

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