Thursday, 3 November 2011

Finally =)

Nothing much to say actually...
Pergh 1 more days to go before mid term break!
I wanna rest, rest and rest!!!
But seriously this year i'm so happy and proud of my self...
Haha not so proud actually...
yeahhh still new learning playing a guitar...
Hey btw my guitar name's WEWEWIT!
so sweet rite? 
Actually my wewewit is not a real name because me and my best friends playing a words so that i can mixed to make my guitar names...
Actually my guitar i put MEMEWIT
Merah Menawan Sweet
But at last when my best friends give me a guitra necklace i'm thinking to put my guitar's name...
and know what i'm so weird why did i put WEWEWIT???
haha so inverse !
But that name ok what rite? 
But as i want to say here my dreams comes true
i got WEWEWIT and i can play a few songs with playing a guitar

For that guitar atlast i can buy it and necklace
"tysm alan" for that necklace
i'm appreciate it soo soo much kawan!
you are my best friends

Yeayyy i'm so happy!!!!!!!!!


Have a nice day you all =)

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