Friday, 4 November 2011

My besties 4 today :)

Today i wanna share to you all bout my date!
with my lovely BGF...
so cute my fwens when she's wearing shawl!
i loike~
Aku keluar ngn ko macam2 benda aku kongsi ngn k0 beb!
Were know out and in beb...
ty so muchhh
4 today
Those all he picture taken by us
4 ever n ever BGF

And thank you so so much dear!
take my picture!
tomey2 :)


i like when you excited to hear i play a guitar 4 you kawan :D
Your favourite song's rite?
naty aku nyanyi kat ko lagi kay beb

eh lupe lak!
After degree maybe your dreams comes true!
i keep my promise lepas degree kita pi k kat sana 
:)your dreams rite?
will always there beside you kawan
itulah kawan kan?

this topic today belongs to you kawan