Thursday, 15 December 2011


Yes! Finally our project MAPLET successfully done very well,
Want to submit it tomorrow after 1230 our class end,
Hopefully we all get a good marks in our vector project,
Thank you Zurin my partner even i don't know anything about coding,
I follow you as my guider to do that too,
Actually for this week and next week,
Yeayyy next week is my last class for this semester!
But i'm gonna be crazy since next week about monday until wednesday i have a test,
Wahhhh my eyes would like to be "RABAK2!!!"
It's sound's funny actually,
But never mind as myself know that very well student lifes!
Don't have enough sleep meyy,
Sound tired 4 me but i have to go through to finish my semester done!
Yes! i think i want to go home tomorrow since saturday and sunday didn't have a test o such a work,
But i just go at my house and at that night again i want to go to s.alam back,
since i want to have a good hard2 study for my coming's test,
It's sounds hard everyday have a test but it would be crazy if in one day have more than one test,
I have to accept that things rite, hehe,
But tonight i want to study for my test tomorrow,
Haiyaaa ECONOMICS????
What kind of words i wanna jot down in my answer paper since i dont understand anything about what i learned time lecturer class???
Lyna! you such a lazy lazy lazy girl...
Please Work Hard =)
And a very big thank you too you Nadia Ibrahim since you always have beside me time i get down...
You such a pretty good friend...
And for my BGF i miss you Fika...
Next week we have too meet!
It a must...
If not, i bare you that i 'majuk' ngn ko fika oi...
To Mr. Handsome and Awsome, 
Hopefully you're happy there =)

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