Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Alhamdulillah my presentation and oral test for philosophy done well!
Haha rite now me at my house is with guitar!!!!
Then by tonight i'm gonna start to study since wednesday next week i'm gonna  take a final paper!
OMG my semester 3 is finished!
I'm realised that i'm getting old!!!!
Haha but never mind!
I have to accept it!
Btw last evening i'm take a bateri bb bold 1 at najib...
Then haha i said to him that my ayah wanna me to buy some thing  at giant supermarket...
So then he wanna accompany me, 
Yes he so sweet,
Like i'm going every where he follw me haha...
How a nice boy,
Hey still ping pong 24/7 if were not bz...
Were chat n so forth...
Btw rite now he still get rest what a ponteng kerja coz bosan punya pasal...
Sengal awk ne ajib!
Btw i'm jeles with fika!
Going picnic without me!!!
At tok bali???
Ok fine fika after degree Euro ok!!!! :D
I'm waiting...
To Khairunnisa glad youre okayh...
I know you are a strong girl...
I'm keep waiting for this semester break because you wanna come to my town!
Omg i will belanja you okayh xD
Ok then idk what to say anymore...
Have a great semester study week,
Study2 and score the best!!!

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