Friday, 30 December 2011

One day...

Alhamdulillah a new year comes,
I'm getting old...
Hey i'm study one day with no fullstop!
CTU CTU CTU now i understand what i am learned before this,
Last night when i'm sleeping yaaaa i'm sorry najib i did not ping pong you back at my bbm sethan!
But you called me!
Glad ty 4 your call...
But in the morning,
I didn't expect after 2 days were silent our self,
He called me!
And said "Good Morning awak!" and so forth,
But i in my sound sleepy yaaa i talk with him...
But there is something he wanna said actually but he refused to stop talking but i'm keep cool and not thinking what he wanna said then after talked about a few minutes were say bye2...
Then at that morning he msg me he said he missed me, 
Yes i do miss you too,
But when i see your wall it hurts me but i'm keep cool and silent,
I know were cannot be together actually,
And i have to accept this,
I would and can accept someone that were love me and one day i will love that guy,
Each second i keep thinking of you but i have to avoid that!
Day by day i know i can forget you but only GOD knows how hurts to throw my feelings towards u,
It's not easy because i will not get a good one like you awak,
If you thinking that i'm silent from you and said did i miss you?
Awak Only GOD knows how do i really2 miss you...
But i keep silent n cool like pretend nothings happened,
Every seconds i feel that my eyes would be wet but i stop to flow the tears going out,
It hurts me hurts me and hurts me!
I know our love's can't be together...
It's complicated and many people around us didn't accept us to be together,
Here i wanna said that in this life were just meet to be FRIEND's,
Friends and only friends and not more than that...
For more than friend were two don't have strong enough to make our loved to be together,
Maybe in  another life's!
I have to forget you awak....
And you have to forget me too...
I know you can do it!

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