Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Since today is my moody day,
I will always think about that,
But i know even i'm too strong my tears can't stop to go out,
Why did and should i think that i will always alone???
I have so many people's whose with me,
I'm so sorry i can't stop cheating myself to say that i'm HAPPY!!!
I'm feel alone,
So feel urgh...
I want to shout! i want to mad! i want to get it!
But i know i can't,
I'm too weak,
I can be silent,
Oh GOD, 
i will always accept your giving things to me,
It such will always make me realize that i don't know,
I don't know what to say,
But i'm okay,
But why did i think i want to run away from everybody???
I want to run away,
And i think like this way it would not make people that i love around me sad....

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