Saturday, 25 February 2012


Well assalamualaikum guys,
As usual, when I'm write more so I will talk less (SMILE!),
Hurm!!! What am I doing the whole day today?
HAHAHA shut up Lynna! Huhu
I'm not doing anything rather than today's actually
I'm spending my time with myy family,
Well enjoy!
Actually this is not the things I want too write here...
Just I'm still learning to be more matured rather than childish!

Hold on!!!
What am I learning today is SIMPLE...
That's meannn....


If we mad, try to make yourself calm first then we can talk
If we truly think 4 what were doing is rite so ACT ok!
Well that's all =)


P/s; I'm run away to updated any new status at FB,TWITTER and insyaAllah BLOG I will make it private later!


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