Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I have been so busy lately
and i miss to blog walking actually
So then i had borrowed a few minutes for using my friends lappy Is
Tysm Is

Today's learning that my lecturer MAT575 said that
He said that
"Kalau kita xnak buat baik, Kita jangan buat jahat kat orang"
and yes that's true my Lecturer!
I pegang kata2 tu every seconds in my life!
xpe biar orang buat saya tapi saya xbuat orang

Hurm i did not know what happened around me 
But i dont do wrong to you
Then just BLOCK me
it's OK
i'm okayh with that
because i have said to you last few days that don't disturb my life
Hopefully you do it rightly like you BLOCK me
its quiet funny at me

Where i've been put my SETHAN lately???
Hey i bukan xnak balas whatsapp, bbm, msg o what
Just i don't have a mood rite now
So i'm silent myself

Since i have a lot of work to do rite now
so have a right responsibilities to finished it by this nigth 
since i have a claz tomorrow pukul 2-6 ptg sahaja

i like to stay at my RUMAH SEWA
so best la
ada kawan2 baru 

Oklah i have to do my KERJA SEKOLAH!

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