Saturday, 10 March 2012

i have thinking rite now that's been a week i don't wrote anything in my BLOG!
OMG it seems look that i'm so busy 
yeahhh busy with my Degree's life!
So well as i want to state here that HAHA
Alhamdulillah Thank You Allah
because one by one my problem had settled last week!
yeahh so far i have wrote in here telling that i have owe my friends money 
But don't worry
i have done paying back to all of them
one more thing!
About course registration???
For MAT575 i can register it now!
Thank you to all my dearest friends because help me to settled my problem!
And yes i didn't know that this year makes me feel down
but no worries my parents and friends always support me
and because of them i've been strong
and i'm always pray to Allah
I know we all human have a problem
But i've take it as a chances for me to achieve well on many ways
to get a more good good life!
Well seems like i da start talk like rubbish

so far yesterday i have bought a new GUITAR!
I have name it HENSEM!
well i have one name WEWEWIT
so well it cost rm 550
And and and
MAMA and AYAH give me some money and share with me to buy HENSEM
well i've been playing and mama said to me that 
Why don't you take a music classes?
and i said i'm thinking that playing a guitar by myself its ok rather than waste money because MAMA its too expensive meyy!
and to my AYAH 
i have thought that if i buy a new one i will not BEREBUT to playing a guitar with him
But i was Wrong!
it's was funny

Study! Study! Study!
Yes Lynna is hardworking girl rite now
Well as we all know that Mathematics students quite busy with doing a lot of exercise!
But i'm quite tired because yeahhh naik turun tangga kan
everything da OK
semua baju dan seluar dah LONGGAR
Ye la makan tah kemana tido pon xcukup
Yg geramnye!!!
Ala Lynna da gelap 
Biarkan kan asalkan I'm happy

So well mesti pelik kan sebab apa dekat BLOG ne Lynna tulis in English?
Yes one of the reason because Lynna nak improve Skill dlm mempelajari Bahasa ne
Yelah sebab pelik jugak kan ramai tanye
MUET mesti BAND 4 kan?
Hey guys Lynna xpandai in English
I've got below that
and i'm thinking want to take MUET back but seems i've thinking want to further  at Australia
if i CAN!

So well
I have done packing my stuff going back to Shah Alam this evening

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