Monday, 5 March 2012

So well!
New Sem!
i've got 6 housemates with a different courses and faculty
as i have to stay outside from campus
so then i've got to stay
at at at
Rumah Kedai atas Nasi Ayam Dara kat syek. 7 okayh
yg crazy xcrazy
tingkat 5 ok 
hari2 kne ulang alik naik turun tangga tuk pergi ke kelas
so well
i'm just grab what my dad give me a chances
He said
"Please study hard ok this is your 1st and last chances to prove that u can target more"
Yes dad, and mama too
Them both always keep give me advice too not to do the same mistakes
rite now
Mama and Ayah i will prove it to you that i can do!!!

Tysm to my lovely roommates Erin because she give me a chances to borrow her lappy
while she still sleeping rite now!
Yeah i'm so happy because i've got a sporting friends!
so i'm happy
Since i'm still waiting for next week to get a new lappy!

Yes rite now i've run away from everyone that being closed to me 

Deep inside my heart i want to cry cry and cry 
but i know 
It doesn't worked if i'm always crying without nothing
as time goes by
i've changed a lot
and i hate to be patient 
but this is my JOURNEY
so i have to move on
and i know not just only me had a serious SHIT problem
but all HUMAN are being faced too
And i know i've do so many mistakes backs previous my life
so it doesn't mean i can't do it again
but i must avoid okayh
well actually this is too much to wrote here
but HEY!
I can write anything la this is my BLOG
so anyone that feeling funny while read this
you  do nothing because you don't know
what going on at me
just ME and only ME

3 April 2012
i'm wanna be an adult person
I can wait to be a girl
22 years old
Will my dreams comes true for this year???
i Hope

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