Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Eventhough i'm missed some of my stuff i'm quiet not feeling ok actually
even that stuff is just only a paper but that paper is my 'nyawa'
I did wrong to put that paper somewhere but where?

I know people always said that Allah turunkan this dugaan for a many reasons 
Banyak hikmah disebalik kejadian semua ne
But i know me tabah
Hellow Lynna tabah ok

This week!
So many things i have to do
Yes Lynna please work hard for this sem
Remember your target!

Everyday He always texting me and sometimes will calling me
I'm shocked that he tell me that he looked my video
playing a guitar!
OMG i'm so shy la
When i say
"Kamal! u sengetla!!!" he laugh rather than talk to me
I will dush! dush! u la kamal
btw you are so sweet 
Well seeing that you like be patient when i'm always 
reply late your text and sometimes not pick up your call
Sorry kamal
I'm just dah terbiasa dgn life without a phone

Well see i must trying rite now to find an article or journals that will support my points
for BEL442
say me a good luck beb!

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