Sunday, 8 April 2012

 Rasa macam lama gile xupdate story kat blog kan
 I'm so really buzy la since da start masuk UITM balik
 Haish macam2 benda nak kne settle rite now bz macam2...
Kelmarin teman mama pergi klinik 
she's got high blood pressure!
So no more story yg perlu diceritakan if xpenting pon!
Really have take a good rest MAMA
Hope so
To my Daddy  
Tysm 4 my new lappy
I'm named it BlackyDell
Sweet kan nama lappy Lynna?
Alif si Boroi Tysm 4 that Purse lawaaaa
Actually 3/4 haritu Lynna 
Tysm guys sebab wish
Unexpected things happened yesterday
since i'm going back to SA
Kamal give me wow!
He had give me my favorite food which i'm pretty like it!
(2 pieces grilled Chicken mushroom/blackpapper, macaron cookies, moist chocolate cakes)
Which those all that foods he cooked!
You're so sweet Kamal!

Ok guys btw i want to sleep la 
feeling tired since xcukup Zzzz kan? 
Nyte peeps!

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